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     I am an author of my recently published book Secret witness The Steele Murder case. My story tells my life and the poor choices I had made including getting involved with a man where we started a Call Girl Operation in Cleveland ohio, I was 17 years old. I share my story because there are many young girls that are getting into the life style that I lived. Women find themselves trapped in. I was in a relationship for over 20 years where I lost my identity and became a women I though I would never become. I wanted someone to love me and I did anything that my man would ask me to do to win his Love including selling my body. I wanted to change him but he ended up changing me.

  I never did win love I lost him in the end. We have a distored view of what love really is .. I looked for love in many ways. I finally found that I could only have true love from my Heavenly Father that was healthy and not distructive. When I became healthy I could be in a relationship that was not harmful and full of drama.

You can order the book at amazon.com / Kindle/ or contacting me through my site below…..

Thanks for the interest of helping women be set free as you share my book with others purchase one for a friend.



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