Sex Trafficking/ Prostitution Damages It Causes

     My name is Carol Byler and I am a victim of prostitution.  A life style that alot of women find themselves trapped in. I was in a relationship for over 20 years where I lost my identity and became a women I though I would never become. I wanted someone to love me and I did anything that man would ask me to do to win his love but I never did win. I lost him in the end. We have a distored view of what love really is .. I looked for it in many ways. I finally found that I could only have love from my Heavenly Father that was healthy and not distructive.  Prostitution has a different label than it was in the 70″s now it is called Sex Trafficking and has gone to younger children as their target.

I am going to put all that I have into helping people become aware of what prositution does to a person and I will be here to help any young child or women get the direction they need to come into full recovery





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